A Faulty Furnace Can Cause Major Problems

A Faulty Furnace Can Cause Major Problems

Prevent breakdowns with a furnace replacement in South Lyon & Novi, MI

During Michigan winters, you rely on your furnace to keep you safe and warm. If your system isn't doing its job, you're in trouble. That's why Alison Mechanical Heating & Cooling LLC offers furnace installations in South Lyon & Novi, MI. Your home will stay warm and toasty through even the coldest cold spells. We work with a variety of brands and can help you find the best model for your space.

Are you shivering while reading this? Why settle for living in an uncomfortable home? Ask about furnace installations in South Lyon & Novi, MI now by calling 248-508-9793.

Do you need to repair or replace your furnace?

Choosing between a furnace repair and a furnace replacement can be tricky, but our dedicated team can help you decide. We'll definitely recommend a furnace replacement if your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide, and if it's over 15 years old it may be time for a new unit in any case. Also, if the cost of a furnace repair is over half the cost of a replacement unit, it makes sense to go ahead and replace your old system.

No matter what kind of HVAC services you need, you can count on our team to help. Make an appointment with Alison Mechanical Heating & Cooling today.